Did You Spend Too Much Money On Christmas?


Did you make this Christmas a magical one that your family will remember and treasure forever? Perhaps the magic included the purchase of all the things on your spouse's and children's gift list. Besides shopping, maybe you hosted amazing holiday parties. Whatever you did that depleted your money, you might be facing some financial hardships until your next paycheck. From getting a cash advance at a pawn shop to taking advantage of check cashing from your credit card account, here are some ideas that might help you.

Cash At A Pawn Shop - If you need just a small amount of money to tide you over until payday, consider taking something of value to a pawn shop so that you can sell it there. Perhaps you have something like gold coins, a diamond ring, or a gold charm bracelet that you can part with for a short time. By taking items of value to a pawn shop, you can sell them for cash and then redeem them on an appointed date agreed to by yourself and the pawn shop. If you want to sell the items without redeeming them, of course, you can do that, too. For example, if you used to wear heavy gold jewelry and your tastes are more simple now, it would make sense to sell the gold charm bracelet that you never wear anymore. If you have a turntable and a record collection that you never use, think of selling those, too.

Credit Card Check Cashing - Every month that your credit card bill arrives, does it come with blank checks you can use at your discretion? Perhaps there is a certain amount you can write the check or checks for that has been designated by your credit card company. Consider how much cash you actually need at this time. For example, if your freezer is full of foods that weren't used during the Christmas holidays, your grocery bill will probably be lower than usual. That just means that you won't need as much cash as you usually do, right?

Determine how much cash you will need and write the check for that amount. However, also consider setting an exact date as the time you will pay for that transaction. For example, give yourself one or two months to heal from your Christmas shopping. If you decide to repay the loan in more than one transaction, just remember that the interest you pay will have to be considered.  

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28 December 2018

Learning about Payday Loans

Hi there, I'm Tom Jensen. Although I'm normally quite good with my money, a series of unfortunate circumstances recently resulted in a tight financial situation. The money I had coming in didn't quite cover all of my immediate expenses. Although I had a check on its way, I needed money right then. Thankfully, I was able to go to the payday loan mart and obtain a cash advance. As soon as my other check arrived, I paid off the payday loan to keep my account in good standing. I would use this service again if I came across a similar situation. I hope that I can inspire people to appropriately use payday loans to alleviate stress caused by financial problems. This site will explore all of the different loan terms and types used by these facilities. Please come back to visit again soon.