3 Check Cashing Options When You Do Not Have A Checking Account


If you have a personal or business checking account, cashing a check is typically as simple as depositing it into your own account and waiting for the funds to become available. However, this task can be a bit more complex if you choose not to maintain a checking account. Thankfully, there are still a few options that will allow you to cash both personal and business checks despite the fact that you do not have an active checking account. In this article, you can learn more about three of these options so that you are able to easily meet all of your check cashing needs. 

Option #1: Check Cashing At The Bank That Issued The Check

Most financial institutions will allow you to cash checks that they issued even if you do not have an account with them. In order to utilize this option, you will first need to identify the bank or credit union that issued the check and determine if they have a location in your local area. If there is a local branch available, you will need to bring both the check and your photo ID to the local branch. You should be aware that many banks now require multiple forms of identification in order to cash a check without an account. Therefore, it is always best to bring a second form of ID with you just in case. While some banks will offer this service free of charge, others will require you to pay a fee in order to cash a check using this option. 

Option #2: Check Cashing At A Money Services Location

Businesses that specialize in money services typically offer check cashing services at each of their locations. In many cases, this will be your best option if you routinely have checks that need to be cashed. This is because money services merchants often offer alternatives to traditional checking accounts that can make cashing checks on a regular basis a bit more convenient. For instance, some of these merchants will allow you to deposit your checks onto a debit card so that you can still take advantage of the benefits that a checking account offers without needing to open an account with a traditional banking institution. 

Option #3: Check Cashing At A Local Store

Many local stores now offer check cashing services at their customer service desk. These merchants typically include supermarkets, big box stores, and even some drugstores. The types of checks which can be cashed using these services are often limited to payroll and other business-related checks, as well as government-issued checks. There is also a monetary limit that is often placed on these check cashing services since most stores only have a limited amount of cash on hand at any given time. Since the fees associated with this option are typically quite low, this can be a good option when cashing a relatively small check from time to time. 

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16 September 2022

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