The Truth Behind Five Common Misconceptions About Mobile Credit Card Processors


There are many reasons why a small business should consider taking credit cards, and even more processors to choose from. If you don't want to be tethered to a cash register with a traditional point-of-sale system, you should consider a mobile credit card processor instead. Whether you have an existing card reader or you're looking into credit card processing for the first time, there are several misconceptions you might encounter about mobile processors.

26 March 2015

Small Business Dollars And Sense: 10 Tips For Your Success


Fewer than 50 percent of new businesses make it past the five year mark, and while that's a discouraging statistic, you can beat those odds. Consider the following 10 tips before contemplating your venture into the small business sector. 1. Remove the rose colored glasses. Sure, you've got passion, drive, determination and dreams, but the path upon which you are embarking is not an easy one. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, and running a business can get mean and dirty and wear your soul down.

16 March 2015